New Design

It has been more than two years since this website was started. During this time we have published around 400 pictures, most of them of places we have been lucky enough to visit.

Now, after all this time (two years in the net are an eternity) we think is time to do some changes to keep fresh, offer amazing pictures everyday and help you navigate through or website so you can discover more of our content.

Since the first day we have tried to fulfill our commitment to publish at least one picture per day. Now we are even more commuted to this and we will start posting pictures of places we have never seen before.

In order to keep fresh the design has been redone from scratch:

  1. We have a new logo, which we think that helps to tie all the web together.
  2. All the cities have been arranged by continent and country, now it’s much easier to find pictures from places close to the one you are visiting.
  3. There are customized entry pages for every continent, country and city with a brief description, we are still adding them as we want to put unique content.
  4. To help you find more amazing pictures and wallpapers we have added thumbnails of related pictures to the one you are seeing.
  5. Every picture has a download button so you can grab them and use them as wallpaper.
  6. And the most important one: Now we have a blog! And soon we will also have a shop, why? So we can deliver you nice photography tips and products!

So we really hope you like our new design and find navigation easier, since all is quite new if you find a bug we appreciate you tell us so we can fix it and our most important wish is that now you enjoy this site even more!

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