How Cameras Have Changed Over The Years

The knowledge on which contemporary cameras relies upon was produced many years ago. Even though antique cameras are basic and far removed from today’s modern technologies they were still very advanced for their time. In 1885 George Eastman produced the contemporary photograph film technology which enabled cameras to become portable and opened them to a mass market. George Eastman was the brains behind the very first Kodak camera.

The very first camera made by Kodak was vended with an already incorporated film in it. If customers wanted to get their films developed, the whole component had to be sent to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then used to develop the film and reload the camera with a fresh one. This method, however, only lasted for a short time, as improvements were made in technology.

In 1901, George Eastman benefited from his self-created technology. He invented the Brownie. The new camera not only had the ability to take snapshots, but was also quite handy and small in size to be carried around anywhere. This resulted in the camera being so admired that its production continued for many years. The Brownie was so admired, that its production continued till the 60?s.

While several companies were experimenting to create superior technology to incorporate in their cameras, in 1948, a special type of camera appeared on the scene. It was the Polaroid Camera. It was a camera that could develop pictures instantly. It fascinated many people with its capabilities. Even though this technology was much more costly, it still became a huge success. People loved the fact that a picture is available just in few minutes after snapping. It was so admired that it became an extravagance that people just desired to have. Even at this point of time, this camera is a hit due to its capabilities.

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In modern times, the digital technology has even penetrated into cameras. Even though today?s digital camera is the successor of a prototype made by Texas Instruments in 1971, the real deal was produced in Japan in the year 1988. Later, its production started in the States in year 1991. The earlier versions of digital camera were so expensive, that only high wagers and renounced photographers were able to purchase them. These models could cost thousands of dollars. Later, after further technological advances, the cost of production dropped. Today you can easily get an excellent features camera under $500.

Camera is a very important creation. It has led us to look at our history through photos. We can actually look into our pasts. It has transformed our surroundings and the way we look at our world. Just imagine how our homes would look like without the pictures of our close ones.

Today’s cameras such as the Nikon D7000 or the Canon Eos 1100d (both available at Jessops) make professional photography accessible to everyone. It really is just a matter of pointing and shooting, if you’re lucky your pictures could even end up in the National Geographic! Which camera do you use? Share your photography tips by adding your comments below.

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