5 Best Android Photo apps to take urban pictures

Urban pictures are normally taken on the go, you just casually find the moment and take the shot. Normally the equipment is not the best suited, as you tend to use what you have in hand. In most cases you?ll use the camera that you always carry around: The Smartphone

So for all android users we have made a top 5 list of the best android photo apps to take and edit your urban pictures.

1. Camera 360

This popular camera app brings professional settings to your android phone together with tilt-shift and color shift modes. HDR pictures and various popular effects (lomo, retro, dreamlike, etc.). It?s a very complete photo app that allows you to take high quality shots of your urban walking.

2. Fast Burst camera

Urban pictures can be landscapes, but you might also need to take fast shoots of some magical moments. For this we recommend you use this app that lets you capture up to 30 frames per second. Then it will be quite difficult that you miss the magic moment!

3. Wondershare Panorama

Android 4.1 comes with default panorama mode, but not all android phones are up to date (at least mine isn?t). So for all of you who like to take panorama pictures this is a must-have app.

4. Little Photo

Sometimes we just want to keep things simple. In this case Little Photo is our best choice, a very simple photo app that gives us simple filters with previews to enhance our shoots.

5. Adobe Photoshop mobile

This is not a photo taking app, but it?s the most complete free picture editing application around. So if you use any of the above cameras you will always be able to retouch and enhance your pictures with the mobile version of the most popular photo editing tool.

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