Time’s Building

Time’s building is located along the river in central Kyoto Kiyamachi just south of Sanjo-dori. Originally it was supposed to be a renewal, but Tadan Ando (The architect) did not think much about the building had to reform, in fact he does not think about the client. He does what he wants – he wants to do better. Think about how you can change the environment, change the block. Kyoto has shallow rivers, so they put the stairs to the river. The client was concerned about flooding causing damage to store merchandise, but Ando wanted the building had the closest relationship with water as possible.

The final design has the building appears to be floating in a river, like a ship. Once this project, Ando began to dream designs for the Chinese restaurant behind it (without the owner’s request or approval). He approached the owner of the restaurant, was angry with him. After four years of contact with the owner, Ando got permission to redo the building, and so was born the Times II, who extended his design to the river. Ando then pointed out the building behind the Chinese restaurant and showed us his designs for the building (apparently the owner is still too angry) Ando still waiting.

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