San Diego is a city located in the southwestern corner of the state of California, United States, and therefore, in the extreme southwest of the continental United States. It is located in San Diego County, which is the headquarters-which border with Tijuana, Mexico. The city is famous for its mild climate and its numerous beaches.

It is the second largest city in California and sixth in the country, the 2000 census had a total population of 1,223,400 inhabitants. San Diego hosts several military bases, including delivery of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps bases.

It is also the headquarters of the world’s largest navy, including two super aircraft carriers of the Navy, and the CVN-68 USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), five amphibious assault ships, submarines and a few many smaller boats. One of the two centers recruiting the Marines here.

As proof of its historical ties with the U.S. Navy, several boats have said USS San Diego to honor the city. The naval base at North Island is also known as the Cradle of Naval Aviation in the United States, although the naval base at Pensacola, Florida, also claims this title.

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